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MM - Inaba Makoto by MirageV MM - Inaba Makoto by MirageV

F U L L N A M E. Makoto Inaba
A G E. 17
G E N D E R. Female
H E I G H T. 5'4
W E I G H T. 126 lbs

W E A P O N. Tsurugi - A traditional Japanese styled two sided sword. This particular one, which is a family heirloom, was made with the blade shortened a bit. Which may throw opponents off at first.

A R C A N A. IV. Emperor
A R C A N A - R A N K. 1
A R C A N A - S U I T. Swords

M O R P H O S - P O I N T S.

N A T I O N A L I T Y. Japanese
L I K E S.

- Food
- Sports
- Food
- Climbing trees
- Food
- Squirrels
- Did I mention food?

D I S L I K E S.

- Studying
- Langauge class
- Math in general
- Cats
- Dogs
- Spiders

O C C U P A T I O N. Second Year Student at Higashimori High

P E R S O N A L I T Y.

Put bluntly, Makoto is a moron. She can't stand studying and tends to wing tests and exams based on pure memory. Her stomach is a veritable black hole and she'll never pass up a chance to eat. And as previously said, she's not very bright. She'll miss just about any subtle cue thrown her way, is completely incapable of picking up on the tension of certain situations, and will not hesitate to stick her nose where it doesn't belong.

On the flipside however, she is incredibly friendly and welcoming to just about anyone. It's very hard to make Makoto angry, and very easy to befriend her. Especially if food is involved. And for all her academic shortcomings, she excels greatly in sports and other physical activity, finding friendly competition in such things. All in all, she's a simple person with simple pleasures and ideals. Not one to take life all too seriously whatsoever.

Most of the above is actually a mask of stupidity put on by Makoto to avoid having responsibility dropped onto her by the people around her. Being stupid was easy, and it made life easier as well. No one expected anything of you and things were simple. 

That mask has since been dropped for an as of yet unknown reason....

s t r e n g t h s.

- Physically fit.
- Open minded.
- Friendly.

w e a k n e s s e s.

- Seems to come off as stupid rather often.
- Horribly impatient.
- Can be rather gullible.
- Always hungry.

H I S T O R Y.

Makoto comes from a rather traditional family. Both of her parents work in the corporate business world, and her older brother is already in college. Considering this situation, Makoto tends to find herself at home with just her grandfather. It was from him that she learned the way of the sword. When she was young, he was would always regale her with tales of her family's history and deeds. Her father would always write them off as a crazy old man's delusions, but Makoto being Makoto fully believed him and wanted nothing more than to become like a hero in the stories her grandfather would tell her.

And it was with this that the teachings of the Inaba Clan were passed on. Despite going through middle school at the near bottom of the class academically, she soaked up her grandfather's teachings like a sponge to water, and then wanted to learn more. The years passed by and soon high school came onto the horizon. Makoto's parents chose Higashimori High school for her, since she did not seem to have any clear aspirations for herself and her future, and she didn't complain, happily attending.

However, things were not quite as they seemed with this new school. The headmaster spoke of 'Persona' and 'Shadows' and 'danger' as if they were in some sort of twilight zone! Of course, she easily bought into it and like many others, went to the observatory to be made fully aware of the situation. What met her was more than she could have imagined...and it excited her. This was like something out of a manga! It was simple! If shadows were plaguing the city, then she'd use her skills to put a stop to them!

...Now if only this idiot realized that it would help to actually have a Persona.

A couple months have passed and she unfortunately wound up getting RMD after a duel with a Persona user. She woke up on her own after several weeks with no real bodily harm done to her. But this was a huge wake up call for her. She can't just do whatever she likes and end up worrying her friends and family again. Thus, she has resolved to stop being so irresponsible and grow up. To become a better, more reliable person.

Additional time has passed for Makoto and several things have changed in her life. Her family is around even less now, and after a certain incident with a persona user and a shadow, she is beginning to question her own life. Though her friends have assured her that it's okay, she doesn't truly believe that she deserves the happiness she has.

T R I V I A S.

- Rather skilled with the sword. Particulary the Iaido and Battojutsu class of sword drawing techniques. With her family's heirloom blade 'Homura no Tsurugi', a sword whose blade is shortened for deceptively easier drawing.
- The Inaba Clan was a line of Samurai from the Sengoku and Edo Periods...but surely she couldn't be from the same line, could she?
- Is a fan of superheroes. Western and Eastern.
- Burgers happen to be her favorite food. Don't mention it or you'll be in for a headache.
- She's not the best with technology, but she's getting better. She can at least use her cell phone to a competent degree now.
- Exercises regularly, which offsets her massive food intake.
- Is ambidextrous and can use either hand for sword drawing, writing, and other precision tasks.
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captainrazorripper Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there. I like your character. Her funny lack of knowledge and always hungry but skilled and kind warrior, and her persona is cool too. I am a fan of the Jack Frost idea.  
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Is this for a game or something?
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